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Fall Newsletter - Welcome to Scottish Road Trip

A very warm welcome from Scotland, where the Autumn colours are coming to their best, and we hope to enjoy long walks on crisp, sunny days. In reality we are more likely to have dreich (wet and dull) days, but we always make the best of what we have.  In these difficult times of the coronavirus epidemic, we are at least fortunate to be able to walk in our beautiful countryside and enjoy our scenery, and we share as much as we can with you on our regular Mary’s Meanders videos and “Momen...

October 17, 2020

Jenny's Scone Recipe

Here is a copy of the recipe Jenny shared with Emma and Anne, as part of their Scottish Brunch series earlier this year (find out more about their virtual Scottish travel experiences here). It is for plain scones and makes 8-10, perfect for with a morning cuppa or afternoon tea. And don't forget to save some for the road. ...

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